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These pages are no longer maintained, and were last updated in 2005. More info on the home page.


Mycological Resources on the Internet: Vendors and Service Providers

Commerical suppliers and contractors

Abbey Lane Laboratory LLC

A division of Cascade Research Associates, offering consulting on mold identification and control (USA).

Accugenix (Acculab)

A company specializing in the identification of fungi and bacteria through molecular analysis (USA).


A site developed by Amanita-guru Rod Tulloss, Amanitabear provides an online similarity calculator (for morphological studies), as well as information on Rod's consulting and lecturing services.

American Mold Abatement

A consulting firm specializing in indoor mold problems and their solutions (Oregon, USA).

American Mushroom Hunter

Wild mushrooms bought and sold.

Balogh Scientific Books

New and second-hand books.


BioloMICS is a software database package for managing diverse biological data that might include sequences, images, phylogenies, or characters. Bio-aware suggests their products will be of use to taxonomists and biodiversity researchers.

Bio-Organics Supply Center

Mycorrhizal inoculants and organic gardening supplies (USA).

Biologische Pilze

An organic mushroom farm and spawn supplier (Germany).

Biologische Pilze

Growers of organic mushrooms (Germany).

BioVam Mycorrhizal root and soil inoculant

Mycorrhizal inoculant suppliers (USA).


Wood carvings of mushrooms (Spain).

Building Air Quality Investigation

A commercial site with descriptions of some indoor air quality problems, including those due to mold growth. Provided by a home inspection service (American Home Service Co.) New York.

Canine Detectives LLC

This California (USA) company provides mold detection services via their dogs (Snoops and Penni), who can detect molds in houses and other structures.

Changshan Baoxin fruit,vegetable and mushroom Co.

Growers of mushrooms (Flammulina velutipes and Hericium erinaceus) in China.

Choice Edibles

A supplier of mushroom spawn and mushroom growing environments (California, USA).

Concise Descriptions of North American Ectomycorrhizae

An identification guide edited by D.M. Goodman, D.M. Durall, J.A. Trofymow and S.M. Berch.


CropKing sells kits and supplies and provides training in mushroom cultivation.

DieHard Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Supplier of both endo- and ectomycorrhizal inoculants (USA).

Digital Diagnostic Systems

Mold testing products and services, including photodigitizing equipment to faciliate identification.

Earthy Delights

Supplier of fresh wild mushrooms and other wild edibles.

East Coast Exotic Mushrooms

Suppliers of fresh and dried exotic mushrooms (USA).

Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: a field to kitchen guide

A mushroom field guide by D.W. Fischer and A.E. Bessette.

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Consultants specializing in indoor air microbiology. EML's web pages include brief descriptions of important fungi and their potential effects on human health (California, USA).

Everbloom Mushroom Farm

A commercial mushroom farm in Singapore.


This computer program from CIAT can be used to map the distributions of plants and other organisms, especially in tropical parts of the world.

Full Cycle Farms

Suppliers of mushroom kits and spawn (USA).

Fun Guy Farm

Fun Guy Farm, near Toronto, Canada, supplies mushroom spawn, kits, books, and medicinal fungi.

Fungi of Australia

An ambitious and timely series of books documenting the fungi of Australia.

Fungi Perfecti

Fungi Perfecti (Olympia, Washington, USA) supplies a plethora of mushroom-growing equipment, spawn and kits, books, and dried edible and medicinal mushrooms. Their online catalog and information about Paul Stamets' mushroom cultivation seminars and consultation services can be found here. This elegant web site includes many impressive images of mushrooms and other products, including scanning electron micrographs of mushroom ultrastructure.


FungiFlora is a Norwegian publishing company, founded by Leif Ryvarden, that specializes in works on taxonomic mycology.

Fungus Among Us

Mushroom kits, books, and dried mushrooms are available from Fungus Among Us Mushroom Farm in Snohomish, Washington, USA.

Fungus Among Us Mushroom Farm

Suppliers of mushroom-growing kits and organic mushrooms (USA).

Garden City Fungi

Suppliers of gourmet mushrooms, spawn and kits.

George Barron's website

This website includes some lovely images of fungi, including Entomophthora, Spinellus, and some nematode parasites. It also includes information on Barron's book "Mushrooms of Northeast North America" (in Canada entitled "Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada").


Consultants specializing in indoor air quality (Denmark).

Gourmet Mushrooms and Mushroom Products

Suppliers of gourmet mushrooms, mushroom-growing kits, and related products (USA).

Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide

A method for Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide, is described in a manual by R.R. Wayne. Answers to frequently asked questions, ordering information for literature and mushroom growing kits, and some ideas for science fair projects on mushrooms are provided.

Il Genere Boletus

A cd-rom on the genus Boletus, edited by G. Acquaviva and L. Lanconelli.

Immuno-Mycologics, Inc.

Kits for identification of fungi in human health (USA).

In the Company of Mushrooms: a biologist's tale

A book by Elio Schaechter.

Independent Mushroom Growers' Network

The IMGN appears to promote mushroom culture and appreciation: they sell supplies and other items (surely the CIA can read between the lines, too). Their journal, The Mushroom Culture, comes with "spore print samples in every issue," and thus I infer their interests lie mainly with hallucinogenic species.

Indoor Air Solutions

Indoor Air Solutions, Inc. (USA) provide consulting services on indoor air quality. Their pages offer information on Stachybotrys, a mold that can have serious implications when it grows in your house.

Koeltz Scientific Books

New books (Germany).

L'intuition de la matière chez les mycologues

A book by Richard Bernaer.

Lichens of North America

A forthcoming book by I.M. Brodo, S.D. Sharnoff, and S. Sharnoff.

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm

A farm in Perkins, Oklahoma (USA) specializing in shiitakes and grow-your-own kits.

Lubrecht and Cramer, booksellers

Sellers of antiquarian and hard-to-find books in mycology and botany (NJ, USA).

Magic Mushroom Lamps and Waterfalls

Maker of lamps and waterfalls incorporating mushrooms (USA). Surely every mycologist should own one.

Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds

A book by G.W. Hudler, 1998.

Medicinal Mushrooms of the Highlands

A site devoted to Agaricus blazei das Montanhas, a Brazilian medicinal mushroom.


A consulting firm specializing in indoor air quality issues (USA).

Microfungi Exsiccati

A series issued by the Botanische Staatssammlung München.

MiraVista Diagnostics

MiraVista specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, and other fungal diseases of humans. Their site provides access to some reference materials and presentations.

Modern Mushroom Farms

Suppliers of "whites" (Agaricus bisporus) in every shape and form (PA, USA).

Mold and Bacteria Consulting Service

Identification services for mold and bacteria from residential or commercial buildings and other sources (Ontario, Canada).

Mold Inspector

Diagnosis and remediation of mold growth indoors, training for certification, and products and articles related to remediation and detection.


Sellers of a kit for detection of molds in indoor environments (tape lift method). Other information on molds in residential spaces is included in this website.

Monterey Mushrooms

Suppliers of fresh mushrooms (CA, USA).

Morel Mania

Accessories for morel hunters (USA).

Mushroom Adventures

Suppliers of mushroom growing kits and spawn.

Mushroom Experiment Station

The Mushroom Experiment Station in Horst (Netherlands) provides expertise on all areas of commercial mushroom cultivation. Their site provides descriptions of their research projects and services.

Mushroom Garden

Suppliers of mushroom-growing kits and spawn (Oregon, USA).

Mushroom Garden

Suppliers of mushroom growing kits (USA).

Mushroom identification cards

A set of flashcards with color illustrations to help you learn to identify mushrooms. By Richard F. Progovitz (northeastern USA).


Mushroompeople's web page serves their online catalog of mushroom spawn, books, and mushroom-growing supplies, as well as their guide to morel cultivation.

Mushrooms and Light: the nature photographer's guide to photographing mushrooms

A book by E.S. Matisoff.

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America

A field guide to macrofungi by A.E. Bessette, A.R. Bessette, and D.W. Fischer (1997).

Mycelium Fruits

Spawn and cultivation equipment for mushroom growers, plus answers to common questions about cultivation (USA).


Supplier of pre-sterilized bags and spawn for mushroom cultivation.


Supplies of lab supplies and fruiting chambers and bags for mushroom cultivation (NC, USA).


Suppliers of fresh and dried exotic mushrooms (USA).


Accessories for mushroom collectors, consumers and enthusiasts (U.K.).

Mycologue Publications

Mycologue is a publishing company founded by W. Bryce Kendrick. It provides books, teaching materials, and computerized keys to fungi (Canada). The site also includes information and many illustrations of fungi that complement Dr. Kendrick's textbook, The Fifth Kingdom (q.v.).

Mycotech Biological

A commercial indoor air quality laboratory specializing in diagnosis of sick buildings and monitoring of spore, pollen, and other pollutants in air (TX, USA).


Seller of antiquarian books on fungi (Germany). Selections of plates from beautiful old books on fungi can be viewed online!

MykoMax GmbH

Research, consulting and training in mycology, including mycorrhizae, mushroom cultivation, and biotechnology (Germany).

Northwest Mycological Consultants

Suppliers of kits and spawn for growing shiitakes and other mushrooms (USA).

Oregon Coast Wild Mushrooms

Suppliers of wild-harvested mushrooms (USA).

Oregon White Truffles

Suppliers of Oregon white truffles and cultivation information (USA).

Outdoor Bookstore

Second-hand books (USA).

Patricia Brown's greeting cards

Patricia Brown's greeting cards bear photographs of mushrooms and butterflies (U.K.).


Mycro-tech industries specializes in landscaping with fungi, and sells cultivation supplies and over 800 strains of many different species (Oregon, USA).

Phillips Mushroom Farms

Suppliers of fresh mushrooms including Agaricus bisporus and other species in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA.

Planet Mushroom

Suppliers of spawn, kits, and equipment for mushroom cultivation (Oregon, USA).

Sherrockie Mushroom Farm

A fresh wholesale mushroom outlet in PA, USA.


Fungal identification and consultation services (Ontario, Canada), especially in indoor air quality and building microbiology. Also provided are keys to common agarics on dung and to coelomycetes commonly isolated form indoor air.

Sun Shiitake

Suppliers of organically-grown shiitake mushrooms and spawn (Brazil).

Sunrise Mushrooms

Suppliers of spawn and mushroom growing kits. Sunrise also publishes a regular newsletter of mushroom lore (California, USA).


Suppliers of wild and gourmet mushrooms (U.K.).

Tekoa Mushroom Farm

A commercial mushroom farm in Israel.

The Mushroom Council

Information on mushroom production and sales in the US can be found on the pages of The Mushroom Council.

The Mushroom Gourmet

Suppliers of mushroom kits and spawn (New Zealand).

The Mushroom Place

This web site includes information on mushroom identification, as well as Discover Mushrooms: a commericial identification software package by C. Samuels.

Tritech Research

Resources for yeast researchers, including protocols, meeting schedules, and info on the company's tetrad dissection system.

Truffle Market

European white and black truffles can be purchased at good prices through this web site. Other gourmet products, including sea salt, saffron, and truffle infused oils are also available.

Truffle Zone

A source for delicious Oregon truffles, truffling trips, and other truffle stuff.


Suppliers of autoclavable, breathable plastic bags for cultivation of shiitake and other mushroom spawn (USA).

Unicorn Bags

Unicorn Bags is a manufacturer and distributor of autoclavable, gas-permeable plastic bags that are ideal for mushroom cultivation.

Vedam's Books International

New books (India).

Walsh Mushroom Farms

Commerical mushroom farms in Ireland.

Western Biologicals

Suppliers of mushroom spawn and kits in British Colombia, Canada.

Wild Harvest

Supplier of wild mushrooms (morels & chanterelles) and other wild collected fresh foods.

Wylie Mycologicals Inc.

A Canadian supplier of mushroom growing kits and medicinal mushrooms.