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Mycological Resources on the Internet: Mushrooms

Resources to help you identify, eat, grow and fall in love with mushrooms
See also the Taxonomy page, and the Regional Guides page

Agaricales of Costa Rican Quercus forests

A comprehensive, ongoing floristic study of the mushrooms (Agaricales) of montane oak forests in Costa Rica, including data on biodiversity and annotated color images. Keys to various genera are provided. Interactive keys to species of Leccinum and Phylloporus are available for users of DELTA software (q.v.).

Agaricales of Java and Bali

Mushrooms occuring in Java and Bali are documented in these pages.

Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands

Both native and introduced mushrooms are found on the Hawaiian Islands, the latter being especially plentiful. This site includes photographs and catalogs of Hawaiian agarics.

An innovative online key to agarics (of the U.K.?) based on a database. Users can enter characteristics of their specimens to yield likely identifications.

American Mushroom Hunter

Wild mushrooms bought and sold.

American Mushroom Institute

A trade association representing those who grow, process, and market cultivated mushrooms in the US, the AMI promotes mushroom cultivation and consumption. Their web site includes information about their journal, "Mushroom News" and the Sinden Scholarship Fund for cultivation of edible fungi.

Arizona Mushroom Club (USA)

A mushroom club for the residents of Arizona, USA. The pages include Scott Bates' images of mushrooms from Nicaragua, morel information, and information on edible and poisonous Arizona mushrooms.


Tom Volk has made available on the web his key to Armillaria species, accompanied by lots of information on the history and taxonomy of the genus.

Basidiomycete phylogeny

Researchers interested in the phylogeny of basidiomycetes now have a home on the WWW that includes a list of meetings and workshops, an address book of like-minded mycologists, and a bibliography of relevant references.

Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles

This project aims to create a baseline inventory of the Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. The study area includes Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and also some islands of the Lesser Antilles: St. John and the US Virgin Islands. These web pages include some nice photographs of mushrooms and their allies, and keys to selected genera. D.J. Lodge, T.J. Baroni, L. Ryvarden, and K.K. Nakasone are the principal investigators.

Biologische Pilze

An organic mushroom farm and spawn supplier (Germany).

Biologische Pilze

Growers of organic mushrooms (Germany).

Boletes of California

An online version of The Boletes of California, by H.D. Thiers (1975). Includes keys and species descriptions. Made available through Myko Web (q.v.).

Brazilian Fungi

A searchable database of over 2,700 species of fungi recorded in Brazil by A.C. Batista and his co-workers between 1950 and the late 1970s.

Butterflies of the Soil

The Great Smokies National Park Fungus ATBI (All-Taxa Biological Inventory) is affectionately called "Butterflies of the Soil." The web site documents its progress.

Caps and Stems

A site devoted to mushrooms and forays in Colorado (USA).

Central New York Mushrooms

Joe O'Rourke's pages on the flora and fauna of central New York State (USA) include some images of macrofungi.

Central New York Mycological Society (USA)

Website of the Central New York Mycological Society (USA), including its newsletter, the Fungal Gazette.

Cercle des Mycologues Amateurs de Québec

The website of this amateur society of Quebec (Canada) includes information on meetings and forays, a list of French names for mushroom species, and an archive of old bulletins (en Francais).

Champilor: le monde des champignons en Lorraine

Mushrooms of Lorraine, France are illustrated on this clever site.

Choice Edibles

A supplier of mushroom spawn and mushroom growing environments (California, USA).

Clamp Connexions

A light-hearted page for mycophiles and especially mycophagists that includes recipes, taxonomy, foray lists and other sections. It's based in south-central Ontario, Canada.


A WWW adaptation of Roy Halling's 1983 monograph entitled "A revision of Collybia sensu lato in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada." The site includes an online key and index to taxa in Collybia, Rhodocollybia, and Gymnopus.

Colorado Mycological Society (USA)

Website of the CMS and its newsletter, Spores Afield.

Comparative studies on the macrofungi of China and eastern North America

Qiuxin Wu and Greg Mueller document fungi which have disjunct distributions in China and eastern North America.


Technical keys and taxonomic resources on inky cap mushrooms (Coprinus species) are provided through this web page, still maintained despite the sad passing of their author, Kess Ulje.

Cornell Center for Fungal Biology

The CCFB is building a database of fungal diversity at the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve in Central New York, including images. The Preserve is owned by the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

Cryptogams in Depth

Fred M. Rhoades maintains this collection of 3-dimensional images of fungi, myxomycetes, bryophytes, and lichens from Washington, USA.

Dark Forest Farms

Mushroom spawn and cultivation supplies (USA).

David Fischer's Web Pages

Dave Fischer's pages provide plentiful information on Dave's books and the mushrooms of northeastern North America. Here too you can find the Real Answers about mushrooms through his "Mushroom Basics" guide and some tall tales of mushroomery.

Der Tintling

Anecdotes, tidbits, and useful information about mushrooms (in German).

Digital Exsiccate of Fungi

The developing Digital Exsiccate Pages provide thorough descriptions of genera and species of fungi with illustrations and keys to species. They are an impressive effort of the mycology program at University Tübingen in Germany and the University of Göteborg, Sweden.

Dr. Machiel E. Noordeloos' Website

Identification tools for various agarics and boletes, in English, French, Dutch, and German. The site includes keys to European Psilocybe spp., subgeneric taxa of Entoloma, Hemimycena, Lactarius and boletes. Beautiful color images and line drawings illustrate relevant features. The site makes a good technical introduction to these complex mushroom genera.

Duin's Folly #1: Paddestoelen

Mushrooms of the Netherlands are illustrated here.

Dutch Mushroom Photographs

A collection of color images of mushrooms taken in The Netherlands by L. Vermeer.

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms

This illustrated primer by Barbara Bassett makes a great introduction to mushroom identification in North America.

Edible LC

This page features mushrooms of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon (USA). A mushroom-picking primer is also provided by the author, Wes Stone.

Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: a field to kitchen guide

A mushroom field guide by D.W. Fischer and A.E. Bessette.

Effects of air pollution and forest regeneration methods on the community structure of ectomycorrhizal fungi

Ola Kårén's homepage includes his doctoral dissertation on air pollution and fungi, as well as protocols for molecular identification of mycorrhizae.

Euronature a.s.b.l.: Champignons

The mushrooms of Belgium are illustrated in this photogallery.

Evolution of Morel Mushrooms

Gary Novak's offbeat theory of morel evolution from yeasts is presented on these pages along with his observations of morel physiology.

Flammulina web page

A taxonomic revision of the mushroom genus Flammulina (fuzzy foot mushrooms) is provided by R.H. Petersen, K.W. Hughes, and S.A. Redhead. The site includes a discussion of the family Xerulaceae and a key to Flammulina species.

Forest Mycology Team, USFS

The website of the US Forest Service group in Corvallis, Oregon, USA includes a photo gallery, an index to publications, and information on current research. Under "Publications and Products," you can find searchable databases of their herbarium, and of literature on mycology and sequestrate fungi (truffles and truffle-like fungi).

Fun Guy Farm

Fun Guy Farm, near Toronto, Canada, supplies mushroom spawn, kits, books, and medicinal fungi.

Fungi Images on the Net

A metadirectory of the many images of fungi to be found on the internet.

Fungi in Finland and in Sweden

Photo galleries of the mushrooms of Finland and Sweden.

Fungi of Southern England

Lots of beautiful images of mushrooms found in southern England.

Fungi of the Week

A different fungal image every week or so, photographed in Tennessee, USA.

Fungi Perfecti

Fungi Perfecti (Olympia, Washington, USA) supplies a plethora of mushroom-growing equipment, spawn and kits, books, and dried edible and medicinal mushrooms. Their online catalog and information about Paul Stamets' mushroom cultivation seminars and consultation services can be found here. This elegant web site includes many impressive images of mushrooms and other products, including scanning electron micrographs of mushroom ultrastructure.


Fungimap is an Australian project aiming to improve our understanding of the distribution of native Australian fungi. In particular the site focuses on 100 target species. The Fungimap website includes the newsletter, and provides information on the target species and other fungi of Australia.

Fungus Among Us

Mushroom kits, books, and dried mushrooms are available from Fungus Among Us Mushroom Farm in Snohomish, Washington, USA.

FUNGUS home page

FUNGUS was an electronic newsletter devoted mushroom growing. Sadly, it was discontinued in 1997. Although the searchable archives are no longer updated, they're worth a look for answers to all kinds of questions on mushroom cultivation.

George Barron's website

This website includes some lovely images of fungi, including Entomophthora, Spinellus, and some nematode parasites. It also includes information on Barron's book "Mushrooms of Northeast North America" (in Canada entitled "Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada").

Greg Thorn's web pages

HoHome (web pages devoted to Hohenbuehelia, a cute pleurotoid mushroom), images of tropical fungi, and a description of Dr. Thorn's research on fungal biodiversity from his lab at the University of Western Ontario (Canada).

Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide

A method for Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide, is described in a manual by R.R. Wayne. Answers to frequently asked questions, ordering information for literature and mushroom growing kits, and some ideas for science fair projects on mushrooms are provided.

Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola (Italy)

This Italian society of mycophiles presents their beautifully illustrated newsletter, "Bollettino del Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola - Nuova Serie" (see the special issues on Amanita and Xerocomus), and a lovely annotated image gallery of mushrooms that is a must-see.

Gruppo Micologico G. Camisola (Italy)

This mycological society in Asti, Italy provides illustrated guides to species of Helvella, Peziza, Boletus, and Inocybe that occur in Italy (in Italian).

Guia dels principals bolets de Menorca

Common mushrooms of Menorca are illustrated on this page.

Heavy Metals in Wild Mushrooms

A set of British studies on heavy metal concentrations in wild mushrooms. You are what you eat.

Hongos: criaturas de otros reinos

A nice Colombian image gallery of fungi, produced by Fondo FEN Colombia (in Spanish). It includes some local images, and some links to other image sites.

Il Genere Boletus

A cd-rom on the genus Boletus, edited by G. Acquaviva and L. Lanconelli.

In the Company of Mushrooms: a biologist's tale

A book by Elio Schaechter.

Inocybe Web

A site devoted to little brown mushrooms in the genus Inocybe, including keys to (southern European?) subgeneric taxa and species.

Jim's Mushroom Slides Homepage

Nice images of mushrooms and other fungi found in the Netherlands.

John C. Tacoma Mushroom Slide Collection

Many, many scanned images of mushrooms and allies, from photographs taken by John C. Tacoma, 1968-1978. Maintained by the Library of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.


Journal of the Swedish Mycological Society.

Journees Europeennes du Cortinaire

A journal aimed at furthering study of the difficult genus Cortinarius in Europe. There's a nice gallery of photos. In German, French, English and Italian!

Kenya Fungi

A site maintained by CABI that is devoted to the fungi of Kenya, including images of microfungi.

Key to Cortinarius subg. Dermocybe

A key to the species of Cortinarius subgenus Dermocybe that occur in the Nordic countries of Europe.

Key to Tricholoma of Quebec

An online key for identifying the Tricholoma species of Quebec by Yves Lamoureux and Jean Despres.

Kinoko-ya: portraits of mushrooms from Japan

Photographs of the mushrooms and other macrofungi of Japan.

Kisatchie Mushrooms

Mushrooms of the Kisatchie National Forest of central Louisiana.

L'intuition de la matière chez les mycologues

A book by Richard Bernaer.

Laccaria in North America

Greg Mueller's handsome monograph of the mushroom genus Laccaria in North America includes keys, phylogenetic trees, photographs, morphological and ecological information.

Lactarius in Sweden

Lists and illustrations of species of the mushroom genus Lactarius that occur in Sweden (in Swedish).


A nice site devoted to mycophagy, with some information on hallucinogens and relevant French law (France).

Los Angeles Mycological Society (USA)

The newsletter of the Los Angeles Mycological Society is called the Spore Print.

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm

A farm in Perkins, Oklahoma (USA) specializing in shiitakes and grow-your-own kits.

Magic Mushrooms Growers Guide

A guide to growing hallucinogenic species of the genus Psilocybe.

Magic Mushrooms of Australia and New Zealand

The hallucinogenic mushrooms "down under" are documented in these pages by John W. Allen.

Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds

A book by G.W. Hudler, 1998.

Malawi Fungi

A site maintained by CABI that is devoted to the fungi of Malawi. Images, ethnomycology and local names of a diversity of wild edibles.

Mapping of Macromycetes in Norway

This project aims to provide information on the distribution and diversity of Norwegian macromycetes (larger fungi) in order to better understand and conserve fungal biodiversity.

Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

A key/database of mushrooms of the northwest coast of North America, provided by the Canadian Forest Service.


Information for commercial pickers of matsutake mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest of North America is provided by veteran harvester Andy Moore.

Matsutake mushroom news and information (Winema National Forest, USA)

The US Forest Service provides this interesting site on the matsutake mushroom harvest in Winema National Forest, Oregon (USA).

Michigan Morels

Practical advice on where, when, and how to hunt morels in Michigan (USA). This site has a (Springtime) message board, recipes, preservation advice, and personal tips.

Michigan Morels

A guide to morels in Michigan, with a new "beyond the morel" section that illustrations some other mushrooms, too.

Michigan Mushroom Hunters' Club (USA)

The State of Michigan (USA) is famous for its morels, but lots of other mushrooms grow there too. Recent issues of the MMHC newsletter "Spores Afield" are available through this page.


An Italian electronic discussion group devoted to fungi. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line and the words "subscribe MICO-IT" in the body of the message to Or for more information, send the command "info MICO-IT".

Micoloxia do Oriente Ourenesan

Focused on Spanish fungi, this site includes Spain's red list, cartoons, and information on fungi and mycology in Spain (in Spanish).

Microbial Strain Data Network: mushroom databases

MSDN's guide to mushroom databases is an extensive collection of data repositories relating to scientific work on mushrooms. Summaries and connection information are included for both public and commercial resources of interest to mycologists.

Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group

A society for mushroom lovers in Yorkshire (U.K.). THeir site includes foray lists, an introduction to mushroom parts, and information about the gorup.

Modern Mushroom Farms

Suppliers of "whites" (Agaricus bisporus) in every shape and form (PA, USA).

Monterey Mushrooms

Suppliers of fresh mushrooms (CA, USA).

Morel Heaven

A site for lovers of morels.

Morel Mania

Accessories for morel hunters (USA).

Morel Mushroom Hunting Club

A web site for enthusiasts of morels that includes chat rooms, photographs, and other resources. Paid membership is required for full access.

Morels and More

A site devoted to the glorious morels, complete with a seasonally active discussion board and morel merchandise.

This site provides access to many different morel-hunting bulletin boards in the US. If you're seeking morels in your area, visit here first to pick up tips.

Mostly Mushrooms

A site designed to bridge the gap between the mushroom cultivation industry and the latest research, this website includes an introduction to mushrooms, news, a bibliography, and access to a discussion group.

Mushroom Adventures

Suppliers of mushroom growing kits and spawn.

Mushroom and lichen photographs of James Hilliard

Photographs of mushrooms and lichens taken by James M. Hilliard can be found through his web site. His work originates mostly from the Intra Coastal Waterway in South Carolina and the Finger Lakes region of New York State (USA).

Mushroom Experiment Station

The Mushroom Experiment Station in Horst (Netherlands) provides expertise on all areas of commercial mushroom cultivation. Their site provides descriptions of their research projects and services.

Mushroom Garden

Suppliers of mushroom-growing kits and spawn (Oregon, USA).

Mushroom Garden

Suppliers of mushroom growing kits (USA).

Mushroom Growers' Newsletter

The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter website includes tables of contents, events listing, features from past newsletters, a subscription form and access to other mushroom growing information online.

Mushroom Heaven

There's lots of information for beginning mushroom hunters at Mushroom Heaven, including recipes, advice for mushroomers, and an explanation of mushroom biology. Not recently updated.

Mushroom John's Shroomworld

A gateway to information on psychedelic mushrooms including Psilocybe and its allies.

Mushroom site

A mushroom site from China (in Chinese: I can't tell you much about it).

Mushroom Toxins

This discussion of mushroom toxins and the symptoms they produce forms a chapter of the "Bad Bug Book" by the US Food and Drug Administration. Other mycotoxins (aflatoxin and ilk) are discussed in a subsequent chapter.

A truly great site for beginners. It includes lots of how-to information on collecting, spore printing, writing descriptions, etc. Also lots of great keys, ranging from a beginner's key to common fungi of North America, to more detailed keys to the genera Agrocybe, Armillaria, Austroboletus, Boletellus, Boletus, Coprinus, Fuscoboletinus, Gomphidius, Gyrodon, Gyromitra, Gyroporus, Hericium, Laccaria, Lactarius, Leccinum, Morchella, Naematoloma, Phylloporus, Pluteus, Pulveroboletus, Strobilomyces, Suillus, Tylopilus, Verpa, Volvariella. There are also keys to several other groups, including the Nidulariaceae and Phallaceae. Definitely worth a look.


Mushroompeople's web page serves their online catalog of mushroom spawn, books, and mushroom-growing supplies, as well as their guide to morel cultivation.

Mushrooms and Magic

The Mycotheology Home Page provides an interesting discussion of the role of fungi in magic, folklore, and religion.

Mushrooms and Mankind

James Arthur presents his book on ethnomycology (Mushrooms and Mankind), several sections of which are available through this site.

Mushrooms and other fungi of Thrace, Greece

Many photographs illustrate the mushrooms of Greece--particularly those of the northeast near Xanthi (in English and Greek).

Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Hampshire and Surrey borders

The Hampshire Fungus Recording group provides these images of mushrooms and their kin.

A discussion board for discussion of mushrooms, plus a collection of mushroom links.

Mushrooms of North Carolina

Mycology students at Duke University (NC, USA) have prepared this site documenting the mushrooms of North Carolina. Their excellent photographs are available here.

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America

A field guide to macrofungi by A.E. Bessette, A.R. Bessette, and D.W. Fischer (1997).


A site that facilitates the sharing of only the handsomest photos of mushrooms, based in the Netherlands.

My secret garden

The mushroms of Ed Tieman's landscape are nicely illustrated on these pages.


This site is really a few different sites. One illustrates some of the macrofungi of Scotland; one describes the cultivation of mushrooms; and a third (luxgene) depicts bioluminescent organisms, including a few fungi.

Mycelium Fruits

Spawn and cultivation equipment for mushroom growers, plus answers to common questions about cultivation (USA).

Mycena Page

Photographs and descriptions of some (mainly European) species of the mushroom genus Mycena are provided by Arne Aronsen.

Mycenas of Norway

A page devoted to the delightful little mushroom genus, Mycena. A key and photographs are provided for the Mycena species of Norway.


MycoElectronica is a site for mushrooms lovers that includes information about mushrooms on stamps, a large compilation of links to other mycological sites, facts about mushroom poisons, and archives of Puffball (newsletter of the Willamette Valley Mushroom Society, Oregon, USA). It has not been updated in recent months.


MycoKey is a very nice, illustrated, synoptic key to the genera of mushrooms and allies in Northern Europe. This site also includes interesting information on the history of mycology and brief biographies of some important mycologists of years gone by.


Suppliers of fresh and dried exotic mushrooms (USA).

Mycological Association of Italy

Website of the Italian mycological society (in Italian).

Mycological Society of Toronto (Canada)

The website of this society in Ontario, Canada includes their newsletter, "Mycelium." The site also includes information about the annual Cain Foray and the Toronto Fungi Fair.


Accessories for mushroom collectors, consumers and enthusiasts (U.K.).


Mycomania is a really nice French e-zine of mycology. It also includes a glossary of French mycological terms.


A comprehensive Belgian site devoted to mushroom appreciation and study (in French). It includes many photos, a glossary, mycological games, keys, and mushroom stamps.

Mycorrhiza information exchange

The Mycorrhiza Information Exchange covers everything you need: literature databases, job ads, teaching tips, images, inoculum sources, links, etc. Participation is invited.

Mycorrhizae Mailing List (Micronet)

A mailing list dedicated to discussion of mycorrhizae and fungus-root interactions. To join, send the message "subscribe micronet Your Name" (e.g. subscribe micronet Kathie Hodge) to


An impressive site dedicated to amateur mycology, MykoWeb includes recipes, a listing of mushroom events, a useful bibliography of works on secotioid and hypogeous fungi. Identification resources include guides to the Fungi of California (USA), the Fungi of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and an online version of H.D. Thiers' 1975 monograph, California Mushrooms: A Field Guide to the Boletes. For a treat, see the scans of the color plates from M.C. Cooke's 1894 book, Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms.

Netherlands' Mycological Society (NMV)

The web pages of the Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging are available in English and in Dutch.

North American Mycological Association

NAMA is a great group for amateur mycologists. It provides a national mushroom poisoning registry, sponsors an annual foray, and publishes a fine annual journal, McIlvainea, and a bimonthly newsletter, The Mycophile. Also available through NAMA are suggestions for teaching K-12 students about fungi, and other tidbits.

North Idaho Mycological Association (USA)

Website of NIMA and its newsletter, Spores and Stipes (USA).

North West Fungus Group (U.K.)

Website of the North West Fungus Group (England), including their newsletter.

Northern Ireland Fungus Group (U.K.)

A group of mycophiles in Northern Ireland provide these pages including Fascinating Fungus Facts, lists and forays for Irish fungi.

Northwest Mycological Consultants

Suppliers of kits and spawn for growing shiitakes and other mushrooms (USA).

Nottinghamshire Fungus Group (U.K.)

Website of the Nottinghamshire Fungus Group (England).

Ohio Mushroom Society (USA)

THe Ohio Mushroom Society's website includes their newsletter, The Mushroom Log.

Oregon Coast Wild Mushrooms

Suppliers of wild-harvested mushrooms (USA).

Oregon White Truffles

Suppliers of Oregon white truffles and cultivation information (USA).

Pecan Truffles

Educational website dealing with American pecan truffles (Tuber lyonii), which are similar to the tasty black Perigord truffles of Europe.

Penn State Mushroom Spawn Lab

Pennsylvania State University's strong program in mushroom cultivation presents fact sheets and other information about commercial mushroom production on these pages. PSU's mushroom growers' information pages are part of this site.

Petit guide des Champignons d'Ile de France

This French site has nice images of common mushrooms found on l'Ile de France, and an introduction to mushroom hunting (in French).


This fine site provides comprehensive information on the discomycete order Pezizales (cup fungi which have operculate asci). The nice synoptic key will help you identify your specimens, especially if you collected them in western North America.

Pilze, Pilze, Pilze

A well-illustrated German site devoted to Pilze, Pilze, Pilze (mushrooms!), complete with introductory text about fungi, a glossary of the derivation of mushroom names, and a discussion of mushroom toxins (in German).

Planet Mushroom

Suppliers of spawn, kits, and equipment for mushroom cultivation (Oregon, USA).

Polypores of Sweden

A checklist of over 200 species of polypores found in Sweden with information on distribution, ecology and preferred substrate.

Puget Sound Mycological Society (USA)

The Puget Sound Mycological Society (Washington, USA) publishes a newsletter called Spore Prints.

Quoditch Nature Reserve

The biota of Quoditch Nature Reserve (U.K.) are documented on this site, which includes a selection of macrofungi.

R. Gordon Wasson Archives

The writings, photographs, and artifacts of R. Gordon Wasson are held by Harvard University. Wasson and his wife, Valentina Pavlovna Guercken, spent years studying the roles of fungi in spirituality and folklore around the world, coining the terms "mycophile" and "mycophobe," and participating in rituals in which fungi served as entheogens. The site includes biographies, bibliographies, and access information.

Ralph's Finest Fungi Fancier File

The good-tasting mushrooms of Michigan (USA) are spotlighted on Ralph Czerepinski's pretty web pages. Also to be found here are useful and intelligent reviews of various field guides to North American fungi. These pages have not been updated in recent months.


Author and illustrator Roger Philips provides this nice site including over 3000 images of mushrooms in North America and Europe. The site includes a couple of simple keys to help with mushroom identification.

Russian Wildnature

Some of the wild mushrooms of Russia are illustrated on these pages.

Russulales News

Mycologist Bart Buyck runs a great site that addresses the taxonomy and identification of Russula and allies.

Setas de Pireneo

A site devoted to images of mushrooms of the Pyrenes.

Sherrockie Mushroom Farm

A fresh wholesale mushroom outlet in PA, USA.

Simply Fungi

Fungi of Jersey, England. Lots of images.

Singer Index

A searchable index to fungal names published by Rolf Singer, a North American expert on macrofungi. Extracted from Mueller and Wu's 1997 book: Mycological Contributions of Rolf Singer: Field Itinerary, Index to New Taxa, and List of Publications.

Slovenian Edible and Poisonous Wild Mushrooms

Mushroom hunters everywhere will appreciate these mushroom pages, which include fine images of "good, bad and ugly" mushrooms in Slovenia, as well as recipes and a mycological glossary.

Société Mycologique du Pays de Montbéliard

A society devoted to fungi of the Montbeliard in France, including images and recipes, a glossay and the society bulletin.

Spoorzicht Diemen

Mushrooms and other creatures of a small nature preserve in Diemen, the Netherlands. Focus on mushrooms in the preserve can be found on this sister site.

Studies in the Amanitaceae

Dr. Rod Tulloss (USA) has teamed up with Dr. Zhu-liang Yang (China) to produce these important pages on the genus Amanita. They include photos, keys, and technical descriptions of selected world species.

Sun Shiitake

Suppliers of organically-grown shiitake mushrooms and spawn (Brazil).

Sunrise Mushrooms

Suppliers of spawn and mushroom growing kits. Sunrise also publishes a regular newsletter of mushroom lore (California, USA).

Survey of North Illinois and Indiana Fungi

These webpages document an ongoing Survey of North Illinois and Indiana Fungi (USA), by John F. Murphy and Gregory M. Mueller. Background on the project and images of macrofungi are provided.


Svampe is the journal of the Danish Mycological Society. The website provides English summaries of most articles and online indices.

Swedish Museum of Natural History Lichen Herbarium (S)

A listing of specimens, including types, held by the Swedish Museum of Natural History (S) Lichen Herbarium, Stockholm, Sweden. A listing of fungal exsiccatae, and images of mushrooms painted for Elias Fries are also available.

Taylor Lockwood's Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi

This web site is home to Taylor Lockwood's beautiful photos. Taylor's traveling show of spectacular mushroom photographs should not be missed.

Tayside Fungi and Mushrooms

Photographs of the macrofungi of Tayside, Scotland can be found on these pages.


Suppliers of wild and gourmet mushrooms (U.K.).

The F files

A lovely site devoted to New Zealand mushrooms, the F Files has lots of photographs to tempt you to visit New Zealand on a foray.

The Fane of the Psilocybe Mushroom

Spiritual aspects of Psilocybe and other hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Great Morel Site

Morels, lovely morels are the topic of this site, which includes recipes, morel-hunting lore, pictures and humor.

The Hidden Forest

A wonderful online field guide to the mushrooms, lichens, and slime molds of New Zealand, with many fine photographs. (Formerly entitled "Forest Fungi").

The Mushroom Council

Information on mushroom production and sales in the US can be found on the pages of The Mushroom Council.

The Mushroom Gourmet

Suppliers of mushroom kits and spawn (New Zealand).

The Mushroom Place

This web site includes information on mushroom identification, as well as Discover Mushrooms: a commericial identification software package by C. Samuels.


The+mycoculture-list is a private discussion group for cultivators of gourmet (non-psychoactive) mushrooms. It is not intended for beginners. To subscribe, send an email to with the word SUB in the message/subject field.

The Ones that Stain Blue

A web site devoted to psychedelic mushrooms including Psilocybe and kin, and to the history and people involved in the modern rediscovery of entheogenic mushroom drugs.

The Phlegmacium website

This yucky-sounding website is actually a lovely treatment of a subgenus of the very large mushroom genus, Cortinarius. Species of Cortinarius subgenus Phlegmacium in Denmark and neighboring Europe are named and illustrated on this site.

The Russulales website

A guide to the genera Russula, Lactarius and hypogeous allies in the western hemisphere, thie site includes a useful bibliography, images, and illustrations of important characters and chemical tests.

The Shroomery

A site devoted to the recreational use of Psilocybe mushrooms and other hallucinogenic fungi.

Toadstools in the Netherlands and Switzerland

The mushrooms of Netherlands and Switzerland are illustrated in this lovely gallery of photos.

Tricholoma in Denmark

A checklist and illustrations of species of the elegant mushroom genus Tricholoma in Denmark.

An organization promoting research on truffles. The site includes images, molecular methodologies, a directory and bulletin board, and Tuberkey, a Delta-based key to Tuber species. Neat!

University of Tennessee Mycology Labs

Drs. Ron Petersen and Karen Hughes maintain a nice set of web pages that include a primer on Botanical Nomenclature, a synopsis of molecular phylogenetic techniques. These pages also provide an important resources on color standards used by mycologists: a synopsis of Fries' color terminology, and a concordance of colors in the Ridgway and Methuen color handbooks. Lots of information is also provided on the projects of staff and students.

Virtual Field Guide

This site on fungi is part of a larger Virtual Field Guide that covers living things found in the U.K.

Waxcap website

British waxcaps are featured on this site. Waxcaps are those brightly colored little fungi, common in British grasslands (but forest denizens in the Americas), in the genera Hygrocybe, Hygrophorus, Camarophyllus, etc. This site provides a nice introduction to their identification, conservation, and ecology. A key to British species is provided.

Western Montana Mycological Association (USA): Fungal Jungal

The Western Montana Mycological Association maintains this nice site. It includes photos of Montana mushrooms, recipes, an oyster mushroom cultivation project, a mushroom "trunk" for teachers, a morel information site, and information on the WMMA's current activities.

Wild mushrooms from Tokyo

Some of the mushrooms found around Tokyo are illustrated on this handsome page.

Willamette Valley Mushroom Society (USA)

The website of this mushroomers society in Oregon (USA) includes their newsletter, The Puffball.


Excellent monographic treatments of various genera of the family Xylariaceae (Ascomycota) by J.D. Rogers, Y.-M. Ju, and M.J. Adams. Keys are available for the genera Biscogniauxia, Creosphaeria, Daldinia, Discoxylaria, Entoleuca, Hypoxylon, Jumillera, Kretzschmaria, Kretzschmariella, Stilbohypoxylon, Vivantia, and Whalleya, and each species is illustrated and thoroughly described. An index to more than 1200 species epithets is provided for the treated genera. A key to genera of the Xylariaceae has recently been completed. Wow.