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Strobilomyces floccosus

Hello, myco-explorers.

These pages are an internet relic. Updates ceased in 2005, when the phenomenal proliferation of internet resources made it impossible to keep up. We had a solid 12 year run of exponential growth. Today, Google is a pretty sophisticated way to find just about anything, if you're a little crafty with your search. I am Kathie Hodge <> and you might enjoy my new endeavor, the Cornell Mushroom Blog.

Welcome! These pages summarize internet resources of interest to mycologists (biologists who study fungi). Choose your favorite topic in the directory below or try the big hairy INDEX.

The WWW Virtual Library is a distributed and comprehensive catalog of internet resources maintained by volunteers. See also other branches in the Biosciences, or view the full subject catalog. Your curiosity about the WWW VL: Mycology, and your indecision concerning which sites to visit first might be alleviated by reading a bit about these pages.

The photo of Strobilomyces floccopus at left was taken by Kent Loeffler.

Directory of Mycology Resources Pages

About these pages Collections of fungi: herbaria, culture collections
Directories of mycologists and mycological labs Discussions: newsletters, books and serials
General resources: taxonomy, biology, plant pathology Molecular genetics
Guides:regional field guides and inventories Mushrooms:identification, cultivation
Suppliers: commercial businesses and vendors Taxonomy: nomenclatural and taxonomic resourses
Teaching and learning about fungi Search the Index
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