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Mycological Resources on the Internet: Regional inventories and guides

Regional inventories and guides
See also the Taxonomy page, and the Mushrooms page

Agaricales of Costa Rican Quercus forests

A comprehensive, ongoing floristic study of the mushrooms (Agaricales) of montane oak forests in Costa Rica, including data on biodiversity and annotated color images. Keys to various genera are provided. Interactive keys to species of Leccinum and Phylloporus are available for users of DELTA software (q.v.).

Agaricales of Java and Bali

Mushrooms occuring in Java and Bali are documented in these pages.

Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands

Both native and introduced mushrooms are found on the Hawaiian Islands, the latter being especially plentiful. This site includes photographs and catalogs of Hawaiian agarics.

Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles

This project aims to create a baseline inventory of the Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. The study area includes Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and also some islands of the Lesser Antilles: St. John and the US Virgin Islands. These web pages include some nice photographs of mushrooms and their allies, and keys to selected genera. D.J. Lodge, T.J. Baroni, L. Ryvarden, and K.K. Nakasone are the principal investigators.

Biodiversity of Mediterranean Lichens

This project has so far generated lichen checklists from Israel, Italy, Morocco, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Boletes of California

An online version of The Boletes of California, by H.D. Thiers (1975). Includes keys and species descriptions. Made available through Myko Web (q.v.).

Brazilian Fungi

A searchable database of over 2,700 species of fungi recorded in Brazil by A.C. Batista and his co-workers between 1950 and the late 1970s.

British Lichen Society

The British Lichen Society provides information on membership, as well as on lichens in churchyards and on manmade surfaces, a list of lichens of the British Isles, and a key to Parmelia species.

Butterflies of the Soil

The Great Smokies National Park Fungus ATBI (All-Taxa Biological Inventory) is affectionately called "Butterflies of the Soil." The web site documents its progress.


Lichenized members of the Caliciales are treated on this site, which provides keys, illustrations, and taxonomic and ecological information, with a focus on Scandinavian representation.

Centex Naturalist

This site includes information on the flora and fauna of central Texas, USA. Jerry Evans has developed a nice guide to noncrustose lichens growing on trees at the Miller Springs Nature Center, and is developing a treatment of the mushrooms, too.

Central New York Mushrooms

Joe O'Rourke's pages on the flora and fauna of central New York State (USA) include some images of macrofungi.

Checklist of Lichens of North America

T.L. Esslinger's cumulative checklist for the lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi of the continental United States and Canada is an important resource for American lichenologists. It includes lists of synonyms and some nomenclatural notes.

Checklists of lichens and lichenicolous fungi

This site provides lichen checklists for many countries, worldwide. It is conveniently browsable via clickable maps.


A WWW adaptation of Roy Halling's 1983 monograph entitled "A revision of Collybia sensu lato in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada." The site includes an online key and index to taxa in Collybia, Rhodocollybia, and Gymnopus.

Common tree diseases of British Columbia

This online guide to tree diseases includes a glossary, a host-fungus index, and numerous color photographs of diseases occurring in British Columbia, Canada.

Comparative studies on the macrofungi of China and eastern North America

Qiuxin Wu and Greg Mueller document fungi which have disjunct distributions in China and eastern North America.

Cornell Center for Fungal Biology

The CCFB is building a database of fungal diversity at the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve in Central New York, including images. The Preserve is owned by the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

David Fischer's Web Pages

Dave Fischer's pages provide plentiful information on Dave's books and the mushrooms of northeastern North America. Here too you can find the Real Answers about mushrooms through his "Mushroom Basics" guide and some tall tales of mushroomery.

Digital Exsiccate of Fungi

The developing Digital Exsiccate Pages provide thorough descriptions of genera and species of fungi with illustrations and keys to species. They are an impressive effort of the mycology program at University Tübingen in Germany and the University of Göteborg, Sweden.

Distribution Maps of Fungi of Georgia

Distribution maps of more than 30,000 fungi from the Caucausus, a biodiversity hotspot.

Distribution Maps of Fungi of the Caribbean

Distribution maps of more than 10,000 fungi from islands in the Caribbean Sea. In English and Spanish. Based largely on the book: Minter, D.W. et al. (2001). Fungi of the Caribbean. An annotated checklist. 946 pp. PDMS Publishing.

Distribution Maps of Ukrainian Fungi

Distribution maps of more than 70,000 fungi from the Ukraine, the largest country in Europe.

Dr. Machiel E. Noordeloos' Website

Identification tools for various agarics and boletes, in English, French, Dutch, and German. The site includes keys to European Psilocybe spp., subgeneric taxa of Entoloma, Hemimycena, Lactarius and boletes. Beautiful color images and line drawings illustrate relevant features. The site makes a good technical introduction to these complex mushroom genera.

Duke Forest Microbial Observatory

Fungi of the Duke Forest (NC, USA) are being studied in situ for the first time using molecular methods. Visitors can view images and search for collections.

Edible LC

This page features mushrooms of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon (USA). A mushroom-picking primer is also provided by the author, Wes Stone.

Euronature a.s.b.l.: Champignons

The mushrooms of Belgium are illustrated in this photogallery.

Freshwater Ascomycetes and their Anamorphs

The freshwater ascomycete database is a nomenclatural and bibliographical compilation of water-dwelling unitunicate and bitunicate taxa, their substrates and distributions, and their anamorphic states. Mangrove fungi are now included. Maintained by Carol Shearer.

Fungi in Finland and in Sweden

Photo galleries of the mushrooms of Finland and Sweden.

Fungi of Australia

An ambitious and timely series of books documenting the fungi of Australia.

Fungi of Poland

A site including over 2000 images of mushrooms of Poland.

Fungi of Southern England

Lots of beautiful images of mushrooms found in southern England.

Fungi of the Kaimai Bush

The Kaimai -Mamaku Forest Park, in New Zealand, is home to the many interesting fungi that are illustrated on this site.

Fungi of the Week

A different fungal image every week or so, photographed in Tennessee, USA.


Fungimap is an Australian project aiming to improve our understanding of the distribution of native Australian fungi. In particular the site focuses on 100 target species. The Fungimap website includes the newsletter, and provides information on the target species and other fungi of Australia.

Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola (Italy)

This Italian society of mycophiles presents their beautifully illustrated newsletter, "Bollettino del Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola - Nuova Serie" (see the special issues on Amanita and Xerocomus), and a lovely annotated image gallery of mushrooms that is a must-see.

Gruppo Micologico G. Camisola (Italy)

This mycological society in Asti, Italy provides illustrated guides to species of Helvella, Peziza, Boletus, and Inocybe that occur in Italy (in Italian).

Guia dels principals bolets de Menorca

Common mushrooms of Menorca are illustrated on this page.

Hongos de Veracruz

The fungi of Veracruz, Mexico, are illustrated and described here. Phallales and mushrooms are a particular focus.The site includes the beautifully illustrated fact sheets that comprise the series Fungi Veracruzana (in Spanish).

Index to illustrations in The Mycologist and Field Mycology

Mike Walton's index to fungal illustrations published in the British Mycological Society journals "The Mycologist" and "Field Mycology."

Instituto de Genetica Forestal

The fungi of Veracruz, Mexico are illustrated on this site. Technical descriptions of selected species form the series Funga Veracruziana (in Spanish. I particularly recommend the site for its images of stinkhorns (Phallales).

John C. Tacoma Mushroom Slide Collection

Many, many scanned images of mushrooms and allies, from photographs taken by John C. Tacoma, 1968-1978. Maintained by the Library of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Journees Europeennes du Cortinaire

A journal aimed at furthering study of the difficult genus Cortinarius in Europe. There's a nice gallery of photos. In German, French, English and Italian!

Kenya Fungi

A site maintained by CABI that is devoted to the fungi of Kenya, including images of microfungi.

Key to Parmelia of Great Britain and Ireland

The British Lichen Society makes available this dichotomous key to the lichen genus Parmelia.

Key to Tricholoma of Quebec

An online key for identifying the Tricholoma species of Quebec by Yves Lamoureux and Jean Despres.

Kinoko-ya: portraits of mushrooms from Japan

Photographs of the mushrooms and other macrofungi of Japan.

Kisatchie Mushrooms

Mushrooms of the Kisatchie National Forest of central Louisiana.

Laccaria in North America

Greg Mueller's handsome monograph of the mushroom genus Laccaria in North America includes keys, phylogenetic trees, photographs, morphological and ecological information.

Lactarius in Sweden

Lists and illustrations of species of the mushroom genus Lactarius that occur in Sweden (in Swedish).

Lichen research at the Smithsonian Institute

This site provides a survey of lichen research going on at the Smithsonian Inst. (Washington D.C., USA). Among the included resources are checklists and keys for the lichenized fungi recorded from the Guianas; a nomenclator of names in the Parmeliaceae; a list of lichen types in the US National Herbarium; and a brief introduction to lichens.

Lichens of the National Parks (USA)

A searchable listing of lichen species recorded from US National Parks is available through the Wisconsin Cooperative Park Studies Unit at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lichens of the Ozarks

The Ozarks are a mountainous region in central North America (mainly in Missouri and Arkansas). This site provides a checklist and treatments of a couple of lichen genera (Bacidia and Protoblastenia).

Malawi Fungi

A site maintained by CABI that is devoted to the fungi of Malawi. Images, ethnomycology and local names of a diversity of wild edibles.

Mapping of Macromycetes in Norway

This project aims to provide information on the distribution and diversity of Norwegian macromycetes (larger fungi) in order to better understand and conserve fungal biodiversity.

Matsutake mushroom news and information (Winema National Forest, USA)

The US Forest Service provides this interesting site on the matsutake mushroom harvest in Winema National Forest, Oregon (USA).

Museo Micologico

Website of a small mycological museum in Spain.

Mushrooms and other fungi of Thrace, Greece

Many photographs illustrate the mushrooms of Greece--particularly those of the northeast near Xanthi (in English and Greek).

Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Hampshire and Surrey borders

The Hampshire Fungus Recording group provides these images of mushrooms and their kin.

Mushrooms of North Carolina

Mycology students at Duke University (NC, USA) have prepared this site documenting the mushrooms of North Carolina. Their excellent photographs are available here.

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America

A field guide to macrofungi by A.E. Bessette, A.R. Bessette, and D.W. Fischer (1997).


This site is really a few different sites. One illustrates some of the macrofungi of Scotland; one describes the cultivation of mushrooms; and a third (luxgene) depicts bioluminescent organisms, including a few fungi.

Mycena Page

Photographs and descriptions of some (mainly European) species of the mushroom genus Mycena are provided by Arne Aronsen.

Mycenas of Norway

A page devoted to the delightful little mushroom genus, Mycena. A key and photographs are provided for the Mycena species of Norway.


An impressive site dedicated to amateur mycology, MykoWeb includes recipes, a listing of mushroom events, a useful bibliography of works on secotioid and hypogeous fungi. Identification resources include guides to the Fungi of California (USA), the Fungi of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and an online version of H.D. Thiers' 1975 monograph, California Mushrooms: A Field Guide to the Boletes. For a treat, see the scans of the color plates from M.C. Cooke's 1894 book, Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms.

North American Lichen Project

The North American Lichen Project includes essays on lichen biology and the uses of lichens by people and animals, as well as excerpts and lovely photographs from the forthcoming book Lichens of North America, by I.M. Brodo, S.D. Sharnoff, and S. Sharnoff (Yale University Press).

NZFungi: New Zealand Fungi

NZFungi is a database of fungal species reported from New Zealand. It includes a searchable interface for names, bibliographic references, collection data, and other attributes, and can generate distribution maps to illustrate its records. It is a handsome effort. It's worth finding the right web browser (a recent version of Internet Explorer) to fully access the data.

Petit guide des Champignons d'Ile de France

This French site has nice images of common mushrooms found on l'Ile de France, and an introduction to mushroom hunting (in French).


This fine site provides comprehensive information on the discomycete order Pezizales (cup fungi which have operculate asci). The nice synoptic key will help you identify your specimens, especially if you collected them in western North America.

Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana

The site documents an ongoing project of the New York Botanic Garden on the flora of French Guiana. It currently includes preliminary information on pyrenomycetes and loculoascomycetes from Sabine Huhndorf, as well as information on plant diversity.

PLANTS database

The PLANTS database from the National Plant Data Center is now accessible on the WWW. It includes the names and distributions of vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens reported from continental North America excluding Mexico.

Polypores of Sweden

A checklist of over 200 species of polypores found in Sweden with information on distribution, ecology and preferred substrate.

Pyrenomycetes from Southwestern France

Keys and illustrations of pyrenomycetes found in the Southwest of France.

Quoditch Nature Reserve

The biota of Quoditch Nature Reserve (U.K.) are documented on this site, which includes a selection of macrofungi.

Ralph's Finest Fungi Fancier File

The good-tasting mushrooms of Michigan (USA) are spotlighted on Ralph Czerepinski's pretty web pages. Also to be found here are useful and intelligent reviews of various field guides to North American fungi. These pages have not been updated in recent months.

Russian Lichenological Resources

Information on Russian lichens, including keys, images, and a bibliography. Mostly in Russian.

Sclerotiniaceae and Rutstroemiaceae

These fine keys and information on the stromatic inoperculate discomycetes were prepared by Trond Schumacher and Arne Holst-Jensen. They focus on those taxa found in the Nordic countries.

Slovenian Edible and Poisonous Wild Mushrooms

Mushroom hunters everywhere will appreciate these mushroom pages, which include fine images of "good, bad and ugly" mushrooms in Slovenia, as well as recipes and a mycological glossary.

Spoorzicht Diemen

Mushrooms and other creatures of a small nature preserve in Diemen, the Netherlands.

Studies in the genus Amanita

Dr. Rod Tulloss (USA) has teamed up with Dr. Zhu-liang Yang (China) to produce these important pages on the genus Amanita. They include photos, keys, and technical descriptions of selected world species.

Survey of North Illinois and Indiana Fungi

These webpages document an ongoing Survey of North Illinois and Indiana Fungi (USA), by John F. Murphy and Gregory M. Mueller. Background on the project and images of macrofungi are provided.


Mapping the distributions of swiss macrofungi.

Tayside Fungi and Mushrooms

Photographs of the macrofungi of Tayside, Scotland can be found on these pages.

Texas Plant Disease Handbook

The Texas Plant Disease Handbook is a pretty comprehensive guide to plant diseases and the organisms that cause them.

The F files

A lovely site devoted to New Zealand mushrooms, the F Files has lots of photographs to tempt you to visit New Zealand on a foray.

The Hidden Forest

A wonderful online field guide to the mushrooms, lichens, and slime molds of New Zealand, with many fine photographs. (Formerly entitled "Forest Fungi").

The Phlegmacium website

This yucky-sounding website is actually a lovely treatment of a subgenus of the very large mushroom genus, Cortinarius. Species of Cortinarius subgenus Phlegmacium in Denmark and neighboring Europe are named and illustrated on this site.

Toadstools in the Netherlands and Switzerland

The mushrooms of Netherlands and Switzerland are illustrated in this lovely gallery of photos.

Tricholoma in Denmark

A checklist and illustrations of species of the elegant mushroom genus Tricholoma in Denmark.

Trichomycetes of Chironomidae

These pages by R.W. Lichtwardt and L.C. Ferrington document on ongoing project on the taxonomy and co-evolution of Trichomycetes (fungi that inhabit insect guts) and their blackfly hosts. Keys to trichomycete orders and genera, an extensive literature database, and an overview of trichomycete systematics.

U.S. National Herbarium Lichen Type Specimens

The Lichen Type Specimen Register (includes lichens and bryophytes) at the Smithsonian Institution is searchable. A checklist of the lichenized fungi of the Guianas is also available.

University of Arizona Lichens database

The lichen holdings of the University of Arizona herbarium (USA) are searchable online, along with information on the Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora Project.

Virtual Field Guide

This site on fungi is part of a larger Virtual Field Guide that covers living things found in the U.K.

Waxcap website

British waxcaps are featured on this site. Waxcaps are those brightly colored little fungi, common in British grasslands (but forest denizens in the Americas), in the genera Hygrocybe, Hygrophorus, Camarophyllus, etc. This site provides a nice introduction to their identification, conservation, and ecology. A key to British species is provided.