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These pages are no longer maintained, and were last updated in 2005. More info on the home page.


Mycological Resources on the Internet: Directories

People and places out there on the internet

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Directories of Mycologists

Searchable listings of e-mail and "snail mail" addresses of mycologists worldwide.

Authors of Fungal Names

An updated version of Authors of Fungal Names, originally published by the Index of Fungi. CABI now makes available this manuscript in several downloadable formats which include recommended author abbreviations.

British Mycological Society

The BMS's web pages include meeting and foray information, and information on their fine journals: Mycological Research, The Mycologist, and Field Mycology.

Candida albicans information

This Candida albicans page has information on genetics, DNA sequences, biosynthetic pathways, the Candida News electronic newsletter, a directory of researchers' email addresses, and more.

Collection Managers Online

An online directory of curators, herbarium and museum directors, and keepers of natural history collections.


Those studying the cellular slime mold Dictyostelium will find a home here. Services include a directory of email addresses, genome information, protocols, a literature database, and the Dicty News.

Eric Dannell's Lab

Eric Dannell's website includes information on rhis lab's esearch on edible mycorhizal mushrooms, plus a directory of researchers.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center (FGSC)

The FGSC serves databases on the genetics of Aspergillus, Fusarium, Neurospora, Sordaria and other fungi, as well as catalogs of mutant and wild type strains; cloned genes and gene libraries; and useful recipes and methods. The Fungal Genetics Newsletter is online with full text and quality images. Some laboratory exercises demonstrating fungi can be found here. European users will achieve faster access through the U.K. mirror site.

A clearinghouse of links and info for amateur mycologists and mushroom hunters in the UK, including a directory of mushroom clubs.

Index Herbariorum

The online version of the Index Herbariorum can be searched and updated online courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden.

Latin American Association for Mycology

The homepage of the ALM (Asociación Latinoamericana de Micología) includes a directory of members.

Lichenologist Directory

A directory of lichenologists maintained by the International Assocation of Lichenologists.

Lichenologists and Mycologists directory

A directory of Lichenologists' and mycologists' e-mail addresses.

Microbial Information Network of China

A compilation of data from Chinese culture collections and herbaria, information on the journal "Mycosystema," and other Chinese mycology resources.

Mycological Society of America

The web page of the Mycological Society of America includes information on activities and officers of the society, searchable abstracts of annual meetings, and membership information. Links are provided to the official MSA journal, Mycologia; the MSA newsletter, Inoculum; a directory of MSA members; and the MSA Bulletin board, MSAPOST.

Myxomycologists: world directory

A directory of Myxomycologists (studiers of slime molds) worldwide.

Pfaffia rhodozyma page

This site at the Universidad de Chile is devoted to the basidiomycetous yeast Pfaffia rhodozyma.


The Phycomyces web site provides information on phototropism and its genetic basis in the mucoralean fungus Phycomyces, as well as links to related sites and a directory of Phycomyces researchers.

Russian Lichenological Resources

Information on Russian lichens, including keys, images, and a bibliography. Mostly in Russian.

Taxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory

TRED is a directory of American taxonomists that is searchable by field of expertise.

An organization promoting research on truffles. The site includes images, molecular methodologies, a directory and bulletin board, and Tuberkey, a Delta-based key to Tuber species. Neat!

U.S. National Fungus Collections databases

This incredibly valuable USDA-ARS site is the superstar of all mycological internet resources. It provides searchable data from "Fungi on Plants and Plant Products in the US;" and "Literature Guide for Identification of Plant Pathogenic Fungi;" mycological literature reference databases; a listing of specimens in the National Fungus Collections (BPI); an index to Saccardo's "Sylloge Fungorum;" and and index to the "Index of Fungi." Alternate access is through telnet to (login USER; password: USER).

Uredinologists Worldwide

A world directory of biologists who study rust fungi (Uredinales), including summaries of their research interests.

Yeast Researchers directory

Email addresses of yeast researchers can be searched through the Frontiers in Bioscience web site.

If you can't find the person you're seeking in one of the above directories, try Lycos' WhoWhere?.

Mycological Associations and Societies

These associations of mycologists have their own web pages. Mike Wood has compiled a more complete listing of North American societies, and the Association of British Fungus Groups does the same for the U.K. Please consult these sites for up-to-date links.

Institutional, Departmental and Personal Web pages

It's just impossible to keep up with personal and institutional pages; here is an incomplete list. Feel free to submit your URL, assuming it has some mycological content.